How to Create Search Engine Friendly Title Tags

How to Create Search Engine Friendly Title Tags

To rank Post, first you need to Analyze your Title. If the title is attractive and it will be helpful to rank your post on Google or any search engine. Now let's see how to write a title for your post.

How to Create Search Engine Friendly Title Tags

How To Write Title Tag For Seo

First of all, how do you select a title depending on what you are posting about. Think of a title that you want to rank first. Then Google the demo title and then at the end of Search Result you will see how many Relative Kaywords are showing.

You can copy these Kaywords into Notepad and then view the search volume of these Kaywords in the Google Ad Word Tool. 

You can select the title by analayzed the search result of the kayword. Then you can select your title by Analayzed from the first 10 results after searching with your selected demo kayword.

About off permalink

Friends Permalink is a short address for your blog article, so that Google knows what the article is about and so when a search is done on Google, your article appears in front of the viewer. With Permalink, visitors will be able to access your blog articles

The permalink must have a keyword and match the title of the article. In addition to these you can write the permalink as a very short sentence, as well as place a dash (-) in each word of the permalink so that the permalink is easy to read and understand.

The title of the post briefly explains what is in a post or how important the post will be. Just as a visitor can understand the importance of a post by looking at the title of the post, so a search engine bot can understand the importance of the entire article by looking at the title of the post.

In this case, you can create the title of the post with the best quality keywords, your post will be able to take a higher position in the search engine results page. About 70% of the number of visitors to a blog from search engines depends on Post Title.

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