Free blogger templates download 2020

Free blogger templates download 2020

Theme is on of the most factor on any website.If your website theme is very low quality then your most of the visitor not stay your website,Similarly if your website theme is very high quality and good look then your visitor are thinking this website value is good.Today i give you top 5 high quality blogger theme free without any cost.

Free blogger templates download 2020

If you use blogger you got 2 special opportynity.You cannot get this opportunity by useing other server website.You can got lifetime blogger own free hosting and blogger free subdomain.So it is a big opportunity for every blogger.

Free blogger theme . Theme for blogger

1. Helio blogger template

2. Bayna blogger themplete

3. Sanai Free Blogger Template

4. Topify blogger template

5. Write up blogger template

Features all this blogger template

1.Fully Responsive Design
2.Mobile friendly
3.Seo ready
4.Ads compleate
5.Fast loading
6.Sidebar widget
7.Custom comment add
8.Social network plugin
9.Custom Error 404 
10.PageAuto Author 
11.ImageRelated post

Motivation for blogging

At the initial stage I wanted to write every topic. I have thought of keeping every piece of knowledge in my blog. But I do not realize that if I do not focus on one thing, nothing will come of it. I wanted to do everything so that I couldn’t do anything and soon my focus started to lose

 It takes time for everything from your blog index to rankings. You won't get any benefit from checking your analytics every hour.

Yes, there are many top people in the market but they are at the top because they continue to work on their blog. These individuals were successful because of their day-to-day work, thousands of researches, and great marketing strategies.Yes, there are some people who are successful overnight but this is just a coincidence. If you want to be successful, keep working, but be patient. Only then can you succeed.

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