How to get adsense approval new blogger easyly

How to get adsense approval new blogger easyly

Google adsense is one of the best medium on earn money in online.We can apply adsense 3 method there are,mobile applicaton,website, have a wesite may be.Now we know how to approved adsense easy terms.If you have a website then you are thinking of making income, or have thought. So now Google Adsense is the best and most reliable way to earn income. You have to go through many small steps to get AdSense. Then you will get Adsense.

How to get adsense approval new blogger easyly

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Now I will go into detail about all these things. And I will try to solve all the problems Insha-Allah. Read the whole post carefully.

Adsense approval 2020

1. I will customize your site well first. Then I will create 3 pages. About us, Contact us, Privacy policy.You can write about us page in your own way, what you want to post on your site. And give us the information to contact you on the Contact us page. For example, contact no, Fb id and some sort description or you can use the contact form. This is the privacy policy.

You can use a tool to create a privacy policy page. You will not have to suffer on your own. You can create it automatically with some information. The link to this tool is given below.

2. The second is to post at least 10 free copies. You write your language to make people understand. At the end of writing, you can use a tool to see if your post matches another post, if there is a change. I am giving the link of the tool.

3. Remember to put 300 words in each post for Adsense approved. But for Seo I will keep 1000 words minimum. There is a word counter tool to know how many words you have written in your post. I can copy and paste your post in this tool to see how many words your post is. I have given the link of the tool.

4. Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that if you use a high level .com or other domain, then you will apply with 1 month time. And if you do with free domain blogspot, then apply after 6 months. And you have to index the posts that you have shot in Google and then apply. Now the question is how to index.

Then index from the above tool. Site: will do a Google search if you see 10 posts then you will apply in adsense and if you see less than 10 posts then wait until 10 posts are indexed.

You can use these 4 tools for adsense approved. Now I will answer some of your adsense questions. And if you can work according to all these things, you can easily get adsense aporoved for the first time.

5. If your website has any amount of traffic, you will get adsense. 1-10 unique traffic you can actually apply for adsense approvel.

6. If you already have a Disable Adsense account on your phone, then clear the data of the phone's browser and remove Gmail from the phone or PC. If so, it will be difficult to get approved

7. If you use image from Google, if there is a link in the image, then the link will be removed. Then you can use image.Things that can never be done.Duplicate content or copy other people's posts.Do not Keep multiple adsense accounts on the same phone 18+ Content usage and no hacking content can be used.Allow for adsense approvalGet adsense with any domain. If you only use Blogspot domain, you have to wait for 6 months

How to get adsense approval easyly : 

  • Must you have .com .info or any high quality domain extention.
  • You have must 10 airticle without copy or spin please write 10 airticle on your own langues.
  • You have need  3 page there are about,contact,privacy policy and 1 compulsary sitemap.
  • Your blog age must have 14 day or 2 week.
  • Customize your wesite good quality use responsib theme there are helio,fastest,bayna,magma theme is good.
  • Dont login your pc or moile multiple adsense account only use 1 account
  • If you have previous any adsense account that current time disable and your same email login your mobile or browser please cleare all browser history and factory data reset your mobile.

If you sure that this point are all okay in your website now you can apply adsense.I am sure you can got approved adsense account easyly.After apply adsense,adsense team got time in 3 day or 7 day or 2 week .In this time plesase dont dipressed,it is term of google adsense team.If you face any kind of problem contact with me or does comment.

So with these three tools, if you use the next 3 instructions correctly, you can easily get Adsense approved. And another thing, within 14 days of applying Adsense, the Adsense team will let you know if it has been approved. So stay with us, thank for reading.

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