Blog seo | On page optimization | On page seo Cheak

Blog seo | On page optimization | On page seo Cheak

Generaly we make a blogsite for business,private or earnmoney in google adsense.But without traffic we cannot success in blog or earnmoney.So we need more and more traffic in our site.Today i share on page seo for blogger website.

Blog seo | On page optimization | On page seo Cheak

Factor off on page seo

1.Post Title
2.Meta Tag
3.Post url
4.Rich content
5.Kayword density
6.Optimize imageing
7.Proper heading
8.External linking 
9.Enternal linking
10.Index website search console
11.Page speed increaseing
12.Responsesive degine

On page optimization: Post Title

Already i written an a airticle for Post title click hare for read

Blog Seo: Meta Tag

You should use meta tag on your site.Its is very important to seo in your site.If you want use meta tag you go to you theme <head>tag </head> now you search in this code.and now paste this code under that code

Now you change your blog url,search description and meta kaywords.Click hare to download this code.

On page optimization: Post Url or Permalink

When you write a post for your blog then,You write a title for your post else its create a link automaticaly.Now your should be change your permalink in your selected targeted kayword and its help to seo.

Blog seo: Rich content

when you write any content your blog or wordpress site its rerember that you should write rich content because,if you write rich content then you got opportunity to use more time to your targeted kayword.Its help to rank in search engine.Beside if you write small content,you can not use more time to your kayword.

On page optimization: Kayword density

It is most important to rank your site search engine.At frist you must be targeted kayword for you post.You should be select low compitition kayword and most search in the world.It is most important on rank in search engine.You can use google adword kayword planner tool, to see kayword density.

On page optimization: Optimize imageing

It is a important for increasing visitor to your site.When people search any kayword on search engine then some time image is come in front then he click image and go your site.So you should image optimization.You go your photo and click propertise and click details and now change title,tag,ratting and all.

Blog seo: Proper heading

Heading is a important in rank your site search engine.Tag is 4 types theare are called h1,h2,h3,h4 tag,So you should be use in this tag. Heading is called h2 tag,You should be used h2 or heading your targeted kayword.Similarly you can use sub heading h3 tag,minnor heading h4 tag to your targeted kayword.

Blog seo: Enternal Linking

External link is you create a backlink on other site in that related topic on your post,theare are download link,any code link and so on.its increase your post page power.Example under 

 <a href="">Google search</a>

On page optimization: Enternal linking 

Enternal linking is build link in your post to other post in your site.Think you write a review of samsung a50 phone post and previously you write samsung a30 phone post now you recommeded your visitor you build a link samsung a30 post between your currennt post.

On page optimization:  Index website search console

It is the most important to come in visitor your site.If you not index your site in google  search console you can not got traffic in your site.So click hare and index your site google search console

On page optimization:Page speed increaseing

If you want rank your site search engine then you should be increase your site page speed.If your page speed is good then your visitor are interested to your site.

On page optimization: Responsesive degine

It is a good point of keeping visitor on your site.If your website degine is looking good then your audience is interestedd to your site.

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