5 best free website hosting company 2020

5 Free best website hosting company 2020

Over the years, the demand for "free web hosting" or "free hosting" to host blogs or WordPress websites has grown,Free hosting account.However, there are reasons for this growing demand. We have to spend a lot of money to run a “self hosted” blog or website on the internet.So, in many cases, to stay within our budget, we have to save as much as possible.

5 best free website hosting company 2020

Moreover, a WordPress blog or website, when new, we do not need any such "high quality web hosting".By using this type of free web hosting service for about a few months, we can save a lot of money. But remember,Any free hosting website or company does not guarantee that you will get good quality hosting.In the case of free hosting, there are of course restrictions on "bandwidth, storage capacity, server speed, and up-times".

As a result, within a month and a half of the user, your website takes the place of a bad identity or feeling.So, if you are creating a blog for the purpose of "professional blogging" or thinking of creating a business website, then I would advise not to use these types of hosting companies.But, below I will talk about free web hosting services or websites, many people have created blogs and websites using them.And, these free web hosting websites will definitely give you good quality hosting.

List of the best free web hosting companies of 2020

Remember, you will get free hosting from different places to create WordPress websites.If you search the internet by typing “Free hosting for WordPress”, you will see many websites.I will tell you about some of the trusted, good quality and the best hosting companies of 2020 in which you can create a free account and host a website.

1. Hostinger.com

Although Hostinger does not allow us to host websites for free, you can get its shared hosting plans almost for free.After nearly 15 years in the hosting business, building a client base of about 290,000,000, Hostinger is now one of the best and best quality free hosting companies.However, hosting is not given to you for free, however, with less than ১ 1 you can get a lot.The most important question about hosting is "how fast is the server".What will be the loading speed of our blog or website.So, let me tell you, after hosting at hostinger, we got an average load time of 355ms on our website.So, it must be said that hostinger gives us a fast and good quality hosting service.

After paying $ 0.80 / mo per month you will be given 
  • A website can be hosted.
  • 10 GB storage space.Bandwidth will be 100 GB.
  • 1 MySQL Databases.
  • A Email Accounts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee (much less chance of website down).
  • 24/7/365 Support.
  • Powerful Control Panel.
  • Free sub-domains will be given.

2. 000WebHost.com

If you are thinking of taking hosting without paying for free, then "000webhost.com" will come in handy.You are being given “PHP, MySQL, cPanel” without any money and that too without any advertisement.Now, you don't have to think much to create a free WordPress website.000webhost.com is a partner company of hostinger and free hosting provider.Hey, I know what you're thinking.Will the server speed be better because it is hosting for free .What is the hosting quality?

But keep in mind, this hosting provider is very good and very fast to give speed.So, the loading speed of your blog or website will be better fast.Moreover, the hosting quality can be said to be good.As a result of 000webhost.com's no ad-policy, we get a very clean and friendly user experience.However, to be honest, after taking hosting from this hosting provider, I have faced a lot of downtime.Every week you have the opportunity to get a total of 1 hour downtime and as a result your blog or website will be down for that time.

Feature off 000webhost free plan

  • You can use free sub-domain.
  • Bandwidth will be 10 GB.
  • Disk Space will get 5GB.
  • You can use 1 website.
  • You will get good website loading speed.
  • Email accounts will not be given.

3. InfinityFree.net

By looking at the pictures above, you must have understood that more than 3 lakh people are using free hosting from "infinityfree.net".This website has been providing free web hosting services for over 6 years.So, to be such an old service, we don't need to think so much about hosting quality and server speed.If you are looking for a free hosting service for creating WordPress blogs, then Infinityfree will give you the best and best quality hosting.And, completely free.

In addition to some other features, this hosting company 
  • Free SSL certificate with all plans.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage space.
  • 10 email accounts.
  • FTP account will be given to you.
  • Fast server speed.
  • Free sub domain will be given.

4. AwardSpace.com

Here you are offered both free and premium web hosting.There are some limitations to free hosting although it is enough for a new blog or one page website.Here too you will get about "99% server uptime".Moreover, you will get the benefits of 100% ad-free hosting, 24/7 customer service and One-click WordPress install.So, the quality and server speed of this free hosting is much better.And, you can create any kind of WordPress website for free, using this free hosting service.

You will get awardspace's free hosting account
  • You can use free sub-domain.
  • Bandwidth up to 5 GB.
  • Disk space will be given 1 GB.
  • Live Chat has the benefit of 24/7 Support.
  • You can create maximum 4 websites in one account.
  • 1 email account will be given.

5. FreeHosting.com

Here, by creating your own free hosting account, you can host any kind of website or blog.However, you can use your free account forever.It is a European company and in terms of providing free web hosting, this company is rapidly gaining popularity.By creating a free hosting account here, we get unmetered bandwidth as soon as we get -

Features off freehosting.com
  • 10 GB of disk space.
  • An email account.
  • A MySQL database.
  • 100% free hosting forever.

All free hosting provider is definitely a good free web hosting .And, to create a Personal WordPress Blog, you must use this hosting service.However, as far as I've found, the loading speed of a hosted blog or website here is somewhat slow.It will take about 2 seconds for your blog to load.In some cases, this has taken longer.And, the results are not very good in terms of server up-time.Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well

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