Make Easy Income by Working Captcha Entry - (100$ monthly)

Make Easy Income by Working Captcha Entry - (100$ monthly)

In the case of online income of around Rs 10,000 per month working from your spare time sitting at home, it is a very popular way to earn income by filling in the captcha.In this way, there will not be much income in the means of "online income by filling the captcha" although this online work is much easier.You do not need any qualification, knowledge or skills in these jobs to earn by typing Captcha.

Make Easy Income by Working Captcha Entry - (100$ monthly)

But hey, in order to make more money through this, it is very important to have "fast typing speed in computer".The sooner you can type captcha, the more income you will have.In order to complete the captcha, you will need a computer, laptop or smartphone.Hey, you can make income online by doing this work with your mobile.If you work for about 2 to 3 hours every day, you can earn between Rs. 6,000 / - to Rs. 10,000 / - per month.Of course, the amount of money you earn will depend a lot on your typing speed

What is a captcha code?

You see, when we go to different websites on the internet and create an account, we see "some numbers or pictures" and we are asked to type them in a box again.

Income by filling the captcha

Earn money online with captcha entry sites.The "Captcha" code is the alphabets in the image that have been blurred.And, when we type those obscure alphabets correctly in the “captcha filling box” below, that process is called “captcha typing”.There is only one reason to use these captcha words in different cases on the internet.That is, preventing unnecessary automated robots from creating fake accounts / bulk accounts online.

Because, in case of creating an automated robot fake account on the internet, it will be able to fill in all the details automatically.However, when it comes time to complete the captcha, automated robots will not be able to complete it.And even if it is completed, it will be wrong.Because, captcha codes are a combination of some numbers, words or pictures that can only be understood by humans.

No robot or machine can understand them.As a result, different organizations or companies cannot open fake accounts.And this is the function of captcha code and captcha code.You can earn money from Google through 3 waysSo, to put it bluntly, captcha is the online verification process, which prevents automated programs and robots from creating fake accounts.

I hope you understand "what is captcha". What is captcha code?You see, when we go to different websites on the internet and create an account, we see "some numbers or pictures" and we are asked to type them in a box again.

What are the tasks of filling captcha? (What is captcha work)

The process of earning money by doing online captcha entry is very straightforward.There are many "captcha typing websites" on the Internet, where you can find captcha solving jobs.And, you have to go to these types of captcha websites and look at the given captcha code and type.Hey, that's all there is to it.But first, you need to go to the websites of this captcha entry and create an account.

Create captcha solving account

As you can see in the picture above, you will see a registration form for creating an account.In the registration form, there will be some general information such as,

Your name
Email ID
New password
Some other common questions
In this way, with your own information, you can create an account on a captcha solving website.

Thus the process of creating an account is the same in every captcha solving websites.

  • What do you need to do after creating an account?
  • First you just need to register an account.
  • After creating an account, you can start captcha typing.
  • You will be shown pictures of some alphabets, word combinations or numbers, you have to look at them well and type in “captcha box”.
Remember, words, numbers or letters have to be typed correctly in the box.Thus, after typing 1000 captcha images correctly in the box, will be credited to your account.You can withdraw your income through money, paypal, webmoney or account transfer.So, captcha typing has about these issues.

Now, in order to make online income through this work, you will need some good “captcha entry websites”.As such, there are plenty of captcha solving websites on the Internet.However, many of them are fake and it is not possible to get money from them.So, I will talk about some of the best websites to earn money by filling captcha, which many people are using to make money online through this.

These 6 websites are best for captcha entry work

As I said before and I will say again, there is a special strategy to earn more money by typing captcha.That is, your captcha typing speed.The better your typing speed, the more you can earn.If your typing speed is "30+ words per minute", you can earn more than others.Best captcha typing work websites

  Captcha Work Site  Estimated Earn 1000C 
 Kolotibablo  1.0 $ – 1.5 $
 Mega Typers  0.45 $ – 1.5 $
 2Captcha  1.00$
 Captcha2Cash  1.00$
 ProTypers  0.45 $ – 1.5 $
 Virtual Bee 1.00$
 Fast Typers   0.7 $ – 1.5 $
 QlinkGroup   0.5 $ – 1.1 $
 Captha typers   0.8 $ – 1.5 $

Each of the websites below has different rates for completing 1000 captchas.So, before registering an account, know how much you will be paid after completing 1000 captchas.
However, I will also say about this here.

The captcha typing websites given above currently give us the most money.Let's know in detail below

1. Kolotibablo, the world's best captcha entry job website.By working on this website, you will be able to earn as much as correct 0.35 to $ 1 by completing every correct 1000 captcha.If you search the internet for the top 100 people who earn money online through this website, you will find that they are earning within "$ 100 to $ 200".However, this captcha website has a strict rule.If you make more mistakes in captcha typing, your account will be suspended.You can take the money earned here through cotton.


If you do not have these two web wallets, you can easily create one.After registering an account and login, you can start working immediately.

2. MegaTypers

MegaTypers is one of the most popular captcha typing job websites.Many people are currently using this website to make online income from home.Here you can start working by creating an account for free.Having a lot of experience and being the best typewriter, earning এ 100 to $ 250 a month from here.Inexperienced newcomers can earn from this website $ 0.45 for every 1000 captcha image solves.However, people with experience can earn up to $ 1.5 for every 1000 captchas sold.You can make money through various means.

Debit Cards,
Bank Checks,
Perfect Money,
Western Union.

If you are starting this for the first time, you can start with megatypers.

3. 2Captcha, you can easily earn about $ 1 to fill every 1000 captcha.Moreover, to solve some complicated captcha, you can get separate bonus income.So on this captcha typing website, you can make some extra income by referring other people.As soon as you register an account, you can start typing without any hassle.To raise money.


You can use these three mediums.The minimum payout is $ 5 for PayPal and $ 0.5 for webmoney and pay 1 for Payza.

4. Captcha2Cash, so there are a lot of people who work on this website and earn part time online.In this case, you need to download a software to earn by filling the captcha.After downloading the software on the computer or laptop, you can fill in the captcha with that software.However, there is no special facility to withdraw the earned money, although you will have the option of "Payza" and "Perfect Money".With Captcha2Cash you can earn about $ 1 for every 1000 captcha images sold.

5. ProTypers

ProTypers, the website is almost as common as the megatypers website.Here, too, you can earn $ 0.45 to $ 1.5 for every 1000 captcha images you fill out.You can make your own money through various means such as,

Western Union.

6.Virtual Bee, this company has been active on the internet since 2001 and this website is very old for captcha typing.Here, in addition to just captcha typing work, you can earn money online by doing many kinds of small work.Once the account is registered, you will have to take a kind of test (evaluation test), where your number will be given between 0 and 100.You will be given a job according to your test results and numbers.

7.Fast Typers

By filling out a captcha with, you'll get about $ 1.5 for every 1000 captcha images you fill out.If you work on this website between 12pm and 5am, you will be able to earn more in return for completing the captcha.

8. QlinkGroup

Here too, you must first download the qlink group software on your computer or laptop.Then, you can work through the software.This way it is completely free and you can work without any money.You can download the software from the download the qlink group software link, then act as the information there.

9. CaptchaTypers

CaptchaTypers, the website employs many people from all over the world and earns more than $ 200 per month by entering captcha.So, you can create a free account by visiting their website.After that, your login details will be given to you for free via email.Here also work is done through software which you can download.

You will be given a limited time to complete each captcha.You have to type captcha and submit it within that time.Otherwise, your account will be banded for 30 minutes.So, you can earn money by working part time online using the above mentioned captcha entry to earn money websites.

If you have some extra time, then of course, using the above websites, you can earn income by doing online captcha entry.Hey, you can't make that much money through this.However, there must be some amount of extra income.I have told you about each of the above websites by looking at the various reviews and popularity on the internet.So, I can't guarantee that the websites will pay you.However, give it a try and let us know.Thus, many people use these websites, but many websites have said to make "online extra income".

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